Students email

Mailbox and other services on the Google for Education platform.

The service is made available by the University of Trento for email communications with students and it is a free, personal email mailbox, distributed on the Google Educational platform in cloud (starting from March 2015). Please read for information on the previous configuration.

When students enrol, they will be provided with a mailbox which they can access with their UniTrento credentials [see for the access], to be used to communicate with UniTrento professors and offices, and where they will receive all notifications regarding the students’ career (information on exams, deadlines, training opportunities, institutional notifications and much more).

Throughout their UniTrento career the student email address will be name.surname [at] (apart from specific exceptions). The mailbox hasunlimited storage capacity and can be used also for personal communications.

When students graduate their mailbox will still be active, the address will be changed into:

  • name.surname [at]

See Email Alumni

If students drop out, interrupt their university career or move to another university their mailbox will still be active; the address will be changed into:

  • name.surname [at]

Even after graduating the ex-students and the Alumni will be contactable via email for institutional communications (placement initiatives, events for graduates, specialised training opportunities, etc.).

When students are provided with their mailbox, they will also be provided with Google Apps of the Google Educational.

To easily access the Google Apps made available by UniTrento, users will use a MyUnitn widget (look for the Google apps widget); as an alternative you can also access via browser from the Google webpages (with ad hoc changes to avoid confusion with other Gmail mailboxes).

NB: after 180 days from the end of the career you will lose access to Google Drive and to the apps provided only for active users.