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Are you looking for your Google Email Mailbox?

Log in to MyUnitn and install the Google Apps widget.

Every user at the university (professors, staff, PhD, students, etc.) is given an institutional mailbox the students and members of staff normally use to communicate with UniTrento. To access your email you can use the “Google Apps” widget available on MyUnitn (for further information on the installation of the widget).


Every user could have one or more “aliases”, i.e. alternative email addresses: this is due, for example, to the fact that one could fill different roles (a student being also a member of staff will have a main email address name.surname [at] unitn.it and also an alias username [at] studenti.unitn.it) or the address could also change according to the specific department/office (name.surname [at] lett.unitn.it). Even when the user owns more than one alias, the email account remains the same. In order to know your main and (possibly) additional email addresses, you can click on the appropriate link available also on the Google Apps widget in MyUnitn.


The email service differs according to the user’s role. Please visit the following pages for further information:

  • Professors, researchers and members of staff
  • PhD
  • Students

Upon request, UniTrento can provide their staff (working groups or offices) with a shared email account.

All the email addresses (both personal and shared) are provided with a calendar and contacts.

Terms and conditions of our email account

The terms and conditions of use in Google could vary without the university being informed: if this is to happen, please check the Google website.


  • Attachments up to 25 Mb in size
  • Gmail does not allow you to send executable files (such as files ending in .exe or .zip)
  • Recipients per message: up to 2.000 email addresses (this limit reduces to 500 for external addresses - i.e. non-UniTrento accounts);
  • Messages per day: you can send a maximum of 2.000 messages per day
  • Recipients per day: 3.000 (i.e. 6 emails sent to 500 addresses count as 3000 recipients)
  • For further details visit Add Attachments, Google Apps email sending limits, Some file types are blocked


Bandwidth & Synchronicity

  • To help keep our systems healthy and your account safe, Google limits the amount of bandwidth in general and the amount of bandwidth available for account synchronization.
  • For further details visit Bandwidth limits and Sync limits


Gmail help & support

Google provides its users with a guide on how to use Gmail.

If you need some help, please visit this page.

For further information, you can check the FAQ available in the download area below or read the documents available in Moodle.

Get Service 

Per accedere alla posta elettronica e alle altre Google Apps installa e utilizza il widget "Google Apps" in MyUnitn.


Come faccio a installare il widget Google Apps in MyUnitn?

Il widget Google Apps è sempre presente in MyUnitn, non è necessaria l'installazione.

Ho problemi/dubbi/domande sull'utilizzo della posta. A chi posso chiedere?

Consulta innanzitutto le FAQ del servizio, oppure effettua una ricerca nel Centro di supporto Google.
In ultima istanza contatta l'helpdesk, utilizzando i consueti canali.

Sono in Cina e non riesco ad accedere a Google Apps e Gmail, come posso fare ?

La Cina blocca le connessioni verso alcuni servizi internet tra cui Google Apps e Gmail. Per aggirare il problema puoi provare ad usare il servizio VPN-OUT di Ateneo che consente di navigare da una rete esterna presentandosi con un indirizzo ip Unitn. Maggiori informazioni qui: http://icts.unitn.it/vpn