SPID Authentication

These services deal with authentication, authorization and access to IT and regular services, as well as with digital identity management, with releasing of credentials and user profiling.

It allows the authentication to web services of the public administration with unique security credentials, which are unrelated to the institution and can be used in all administrations, UniTrento included.

Release date

17 May 2017

Last update: January 2019


Access to the services of the University of Trento is also possible through the SPID credentials, for all those who own them. https://www.spid.gov.it/

Services offered to citizens

Services that require a registration procedure at the University (accreditation) based on their personal identity SPID and can be completed in complete autonomy:

Services offered without the need for a registration procedure at the University:

Services offered to members of the University community

SPID credentials can be used to access all online services reserved for University members and can be accessed through UniTrento’s single sign-on system (students, teachers, doctoral students, staff, collaborators, guests with an account @unitn .it): https://www.unitn.it/myunitn

The Fiscal Code associated with the SPID identity is used to recognize the person and to activate all the functions and permissions required for the corresponding roles held in the University.

For these services, access with SPID credentials is equivalent to access through the University credentials @ unitn.it . SPID credentials and credentials @ unitn.it can be used indifferently according to your preferences.

The SPID credentials (or alternatively CIE) can also be used to reset the password of your @ unitn.it account through the appropriate procedure: reset password with SPID




It is a certified set of credentials issued by a third party with respect to UniTrento, which allows to consider the identities as already certified without the need for a local identification through identity documents. Supports 2-factor authentication.
Provides a set of identifying characteristics sufficient to instantiate a certified UniTrento registry.


Shibboleth authentication for access to UniTrento applications.
WiFi authentication of public areas offered to all citizens, even if they are not members of UniTrento unitn-wifi: https://icts.unitn.it/rete-wireless-unitn-spid


Accreditation with SPID Identity Provider: https://www.spid.gov.it/richiedi-spid

Availability of a device to activate the second authentication factor (token, sms, smartphone app, email)

Service Request

The service must be requested from IdP AGID:

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