Polo Services

In order to improve the access and the use of the services offered by the University, all the academic structures divided into Poli. Each Polo provides a service that benefits multiple Departments/Centers or the entire organization. They maintain hierarchical dependence and carry out activities at the decentralized structures (Departments, Centers, Schools), where they are physically dislocated.

The Polo Services are provided by the User Support desks and are located in different Poli:

They are supported by the ICT Services Office for Administration users (to support users belonging to the Central Management Structures and to the Government Bodies).

The User Support desks offer technical assistance and support to users of all the academic structures, manage the online services of the University and manage IT laboratories. Furthermore, they provide first level support to the centralized service of the University.


Technical assistance and user support

The technical assistance service and user support addresses all the staff of the educational, research and administrative structures of any office.
It collaborates with the specific structures of the SISTI Management, using, among other things, the University's computerized Service Desk.

The service is structured as following:

  • first level help desk: handling of the requests and consequent activation of the appropriate channels for the resolution of the requests;
  • technical consultancy for the acquisition of IT systems and equipment for both research and organizational structures;
  • technical assistance for the use of audio and video diffusion systems installed in the classrooms, audio / video recording service on request (foe events like conventions, conferences, etc.)

Some services are provided through the Support Students' Desk.


University online services

The organisation of University services regards the usability and access to all online services of the University Information System (SAP, ESSE3, ADA, etc.) and to the collaboration platforms, but also to e-mail, to advanced calculation and archiving services, to the web, as well as to the distribution of Campus software.

To us, sharing and applying common standards is extremely important in order to ensure quality, operational continuity and IT security in our Unversity.

The service addresses both users of the educational, research and administrative structures of the various Poli, and all the students.

In detail, the service includes:

  • assistance and support for the use of on-line University services and local IT services for authorized users (domain, print server, file server, etc.);
  • assistance and support for the access to the University Network;
  • assignment and management of the e-mail accounts of the local domain;
  • management and maintenance of local IT, telematic and multimedia systems with the consequent monitoring of access to services.


Management of IT laboratories

The service linked to the management of IT laboratories consists of:

  • design, activation, management and maintenance of IT laboratories;
  • management of the access to the workstations with particular reference to specific configurations for lessons and exams;
  • technical support and assistance when using the IT equipment.

The topic is further examined at the Computer Labs page.


First level support for centralized services

The User Support desks provide first level support for the centralized services that belong to the University, like:

  • accounting;
  • networking;
  • HW and SW management of the systems in the Polo;
  • multimedia equipment that is to be found in the labs workshops and in the classrooms;
  • HW equipment of libraries and administrative offices;
  • email;
  • SW with campus license;
  • Infopoints (information screens in some buildings).