General information

How do I access my email and my Google Apps?

The username is typically name.surname [at] unitn.it and it is used to login to access the services. The username is typically name.surname [at] unitn.it (or variations) in combination with the UniTrento password.
You can use the widget in the myunitn website, to easily access to the “Google Apps” services. The already recognised user may access without inserting your password again.
You can access directly using the link http://mail.g.unitn.it/ , browsing on Google. In this case pay attention to the field required by the application: to access Google you are often required to have an email address. Therefore you need to use your “main email address” (you cannot access using an alias), which can be different from your username.

I work at UniTrento, where I am/was also a student. What is my email address?

The Gmail mailbox is one only. It is a container for all email items you receive and send. More than one address can be connected with the same email mailbox: one default address (main email) and other secondary ones and/or alias. Usually the part which changes is on the right side of @
If you have more than one role at UniTrento (e.g. you are a student and a staff member) you could have:

  • a main email address like name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • an alias, like surname [at] unitn.it
  • a secondary email address (as a student) like name.surname [at] studenti.unitn.it

If you graduated or got our PhD at UniTrento in the past, you will have your main email address as a staff member and a secondary, as an alumnus:

  • a main email address like: name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • a secondary email address like: name.surname [at] alumni.unitn.it

If you have enrolled at UniTrento for a set period of time, but you then moved to another university or waived your studies, your situation will be like the following:

  • main email address like: name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • secondary email address like: name.surname [at] ex-studenti.unitn.it

Be reminded that all email items sent to your main and secondary email addresses will be delivered to the same mailbox. If you send a message, you can choose the sending email address (you can use name.surname [at] unitn.it for professional messages, name.surname [at] studenti.unitn.it when you will write to a professor or to the Students’ Helpdesk, as a student). If you do not choose, your main email address will be used as a default.

Check the FAQ “What are my Google email addresses issued by UniTrento? for more information

Voglio presentarmi verso l’esterno dell’Ateneo con un indirizzo diverso da quello di default (per esempio @dipartimento.unitn.it). Come posso fare?

I want to contact external users using an email address different from the default email address (e.g. @dipartimento.unitn.it) How can I do this?

If you want to change your outbox email address please read here:
https://support.Google.com/mail/answer/22370?hl=it .
You will set your alias as senders and you can choose every time which one you wish to use.

What are my Google email addresses issued by UniTrento?

To obtain this information you can follow two different procedures:

A) Access using the widget on the myunitn website (“Google Apps”, available in the Widget Centre) and click on the link of the widget “My email addresses”. In this way you will be recognised as authorised user and you will not need to log in again.

B) Access using your UniTrento credentials on the link http://mail.g.unitn.it/; after logging in access the link https://security.google.com/settings/email and check that you see the information of your account .unitn.it.

You find your “Main Email address” indicated as “Main Email”. The others are further email addresses (“alias”) associated with your mailbox. If the viewed email addresses do not end in .unitn.it, you are probably viewing the information regarding your personal Google email account.

Do I use the same password which I use to access the UniTrento services?

Yes, you will use your UniTrento password because all Google Apps for Education services are based on our authentication systems.

What is the storage capacity of my mailbox? And for my documents in cloud?

The archive storage capacity is unlimited, both for email items and for documents.

Can I forward email items from my University mailbox to my personal mailbox and vice versa? (Institutional; e.g. mario.rossi@unitn.it) to my personal mailbox (private; e.g. mariolino789@yahoo.it) or vice versa?

How can I change my password?

The procedure to change your password is the one you follow to change your UniTrento password (the password is the same to access the Google Educational Services). See icts.unitn.it/en/password

Emails not delivered to your student mailbox on Gmail?

If someone sent you an email and got an automatic bounce message that says, "Unauthenticated email from [email domain] is not accepted due to domain's DMARC policy,” please see https://support.google.com/mail/answer/2451690?hl=en

Emails not delivered to adressess @unitn.it?

If you send an email to someone with an adress @unitn.it and got an automatic bounce message that says, "Unauthenticated email from [email domain] is not accepted due to domain's DMARC policy”, please see https://support.google.com/mail/answer/2451690?hl=en

I find advertisement in my personal Gmail account. I know Google performs the statistical analysis on the content of my mailbox. Will this happen on my UniTrento email account as well?

No. We signed an Education agreement and your privacy is guaranteed. More information: https://support.google.com/a/answer/60762?hl=en

I have a personal mail account on Google. Is this compatible with my University Google mailbox?

Yes, of course. The two accounts will stay separate. If you use a browser to access the services you may use the two mailboxes alternatively. If you use two Chrome browsers you will be able to access the two accounts simultaneously, creating two separate profiles. Read the FAQ: “How can I manage different profiles with the Chrome browser?”

Can I forward email items from my University mailbox to my personal mailbox and vice versa?

Yes (please read the instructions on https://support.google.com/mail/answer/10957?hl=en). Be reminded at the incoming items towards UniTrento (i.e. when you write to UniTrento professors or offices) must be sent from your UniTrento official email address and not from your private email addresses.

What happens when I am offline, in an aircraft or in places with no connectivity?

You can activate the offline mode if you use your Chrome browser, to access your email account, contacts, calendars and documents saved on Google Drive. If you edit any items, the changes will be synchronised when the computer is online again. The email offline mode archives locally only the activity of the last 30 days.

Will the University mailing lists (e.g. Sympa) remain available?

Yes, the mailing list service will remain active and available for our users.

How can I proceed if I need to send a large quantity of emails?

Contact your User Support to find an optimal solution for your needs.

How do I install the Google Apps widget in MyUnitn?

The Google Apps widget is always present in MyUnitn, no installation is required.