I work at UniTrento, where I am/was also a student. What is my email address?

The Gmail mailbox is one only. It is a container for all email items you receive and send. More than one address can be connected with the same email mailbox: one default address (main email) and other secondary ones and/or alias. Usually the part which changes is on the right side of @
If you have more than one role at UniTrento (e.g. you are a student and a staff member) you could have:

  • a main email address like name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • an alias, like surname [at] unitn.it
  • a secondary email address (as a student) like name.surname [at] studenti.unitn.it

If you graduated or got our PhD at UniTrento in the past, you will have your main email address as a staff member and a secondary, as an alumnus:

  • a main email address like: name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • a secondary email address like: name.surname [at] alumni.unitn.it

If you have enrolled at UniTrento for a set period of time, but you then moved to another university or waived your studies, your situation will be like the following:

  • main email address like: name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • secondary email address like: name.surname [at] ex-studenti.unitn.it

Be reminded that all email items sent to your main and secondary email addresses will be delivered to the same mailbox. If you send a message, you can choose the sending email address (you can use name.surname [at] unitn.it for professional messages, name.surname [at] studenti.unitn.it when you will write to a professor or to the Students’ Helpdesk, as a student). If you do not choose, your main email address will be used as a default.

Check the FAQ “What are my Google email addresses issued by UniTrento? for more information

Voglio presentarmi verso l’esterno dell’Ateneo con un indirizzo diverso da quello di default (per esempio @dipartimento.unitn.it). Come posso fare?

Source URL: https://icts.unitn.it/faq-item/emaildomanda5