What are my Google email addresses issued by UniTrento?

To obtain this information you can follow two different procedures:

A) Access using the widget on the myunitn website (“Google Apps”, available in the Widget Centre) and click on the link of the widget “My email addresses”. In this way you will be recognised as authorised user and you will not need to log in again.

B) Access using your UniTrento credentials on the link http://mail.g.unitn.it/ (http://mail.g.unitn.it/); after logging in access the link https://security.google.com/settings/email (https://security.google.com/settings/email) and check that you see the information of your account .unitn.it.

You find your “Main Email address” indicated as “Main Email”. The others are further email addresses (“alias”) associated with your mailbox. If the viewed email addresses do not end in .unitn.it, you are probably viewing the information regarding your personal Google email account.

Source URL: https://icts.unitn.it/faq-item/emaildomanda6-0