Help! I have a problem with e-mail

I work at UniTrento, where I am/was also a student. What is my email address?

The Gmail mailbox is one only. It is a container for all email items you receive and send. More than one address can be connected with the same email mailbox: one default address (main email) and other secondary ones and/or alias. Usually the part which changes is on the right side of @
If you have more than one role at UniTrento (e.g. you are a student and a staff member) you could have:

  • a main email address like name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • an alias, like surname [at] unitn.it
  • a secondary email address (as a student) like name.surname [at] studenti.unitn.it

If you graduated or got our PhD at UniTrento in the past, you will have your main email address as a staff member and a secondary, as an alumnus:

  • a main email address like: name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • a secondary email address like: name.surname [at] alumni.unitn.it

If you have enrolled at UniTrento for a set period of time, but you then moved to another university or waived your studies, your situation will be like the following:

  • main email address like: name.surname [at] unitn.it
  • secondary email address like: name.surname [at] ex-studenti.unitn.it

Be reminded that all email items sent to your main and secondary email addresses will be delivered to the same mailbox. If you send a message, you can choose the sending email address (you can use name.surname [at] unitn.it for professional messages, name.surname [at] studenti.unitn.it when you will write to a professor or to the Students’ Helpdesk, as a student). If you do not choose, your main email address will be used as a default.

Check the FAQ “What are my Google email addresses issued by UniTrento? for more information

Voglio presentarmi verso l’esterno dell’Ateneo con un indirizzo diverso da quello di default (per esempio @dipartimento.unitn.it). Come posso fare?

Do I use the same password which I use to access the UniTrento services?

Yes, you will use your UniTrento password because all Google Apps for Education services are based on our authentication systems.

Emails not delivered to adressess @unitn.it?

If you send an email to someone with an adress @unitn.it and got an automatic bounce message that says, "Unauthenticated email from [email domain] is not accepted due to domain's DMARC policy”, please see https://support.google.com/mail/answer/2451690?hl=en

How can I proceed if I need to send a large quantity of emails?

Contact your User Support to find an optimal solution for your needs.