unitn-x wireless network

University authenticated and encrypted wireless network

The “unitn-x” wireless network (announced via SSID “unitn-x”) is available in all University facilities, in the protocols 02.11b/g (2.4GHz); in some facilities through the protocols 802.11a (5GHz) and in a few facilities with the the protocol 802.11n (with better performance).

The authentication goes through the 802.1x protocol. The credentials transit on the network in a secure way (TLS). The data traffic is encrypted (WPA or WPA2).


Autoconfiguration tool for unitn-x and eduroam wifi networks: Download

The unitn-x network is designed for massive wireless data use, it provides better performance and more security compared with the unitn network. The unitn-x network provides more services and protocols then the eduroam network.

Configuration parameters (if you don't use the self-installation tool):  

Connected devices are given a private IP address of the network In some facilities the IP address is in the same class of the cabled network of the user.

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