Clone di Personal email contact

Instructions to register a personal email address as a contact for UniTrento (password recovery and administrative notifications)

Associating a personal and private email address (eg Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo ...) to your UniTrento account is important: with this address it will be possible to reset the forgotten password, and receive administrative communications , in the absence of a active institutional email address.

To associate or update your personal e-mail address to the UniTrento account, use the procedure on the page

NB: the personal email address  - necessary for the creation and management of your University digital identity - can be used as a contact in administrative communications to and from UniTrento (e.g. notifications on ongoing proceedings, helpdesk requests)

Full disclaimer on data processing can be found in the Download box of this page.


Go to the page an use your account UniTrento account

Select the button  Tasto per modificare l'email personale da associare come contatto   and fill out the form with your personal email address (NOT @

Schermata inserimento nuovo contatto email


If you get the message “invalid mail address” (red label)

Schermata inserimento nuovo contatto email sbagliato

it means that the email address is incorrect. Rewrite the address correctly (green label).

Confirm by selecting the "Send email to confirm mailbox ownership" button.

You will get the following screen:

Schermata conferma inserimento nuovo contatto email

that communicates the sending of an email to the address indicated: follow the instructions and the link it contains. Only then will the procedure be concluded.


If you do not receive the confirmation email, try checking in the junk or spam folder.

If you don't receive the email, repeat the process from the beginning, making sure you spell the email address correctly.