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Google Calendar  is a system of integrated online calendars being part of the Google Suite Products.

Google Calendar allows you to create, share and import calendars. With Google Calendar, in particular, you can quickly schedule meetings and events, and get reminders about upcoming activities. Google Calendar is designed for teams; it makes it easy to share your schedule with others, and to create multiple calendars that you and the other members of the team can use together.

Schedule events

Create an event and choose a date, time and place for it. You can even set up a recurring event, if you need to. Remember to add event notifications.


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Invite people and reserve rooms and resourcesand respond to invitations

Create a new event, choose a date, time, place and verifiy participants' availability. 

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Share a calendar

You can choose one of your calendars and the people you want to share it with (even if they do not use Google Calendar!), and then manage the information that will be visible to others. This will allow the user who receives a notification to view the shared calendar and see a list of times when everyone can attend.

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Customize your calendar

You can choose how many days you see at a time in your calendar view, or change your calendar to an agenda view to see a list of your events. In addition, you can change your events colours so that it is easier for you to distinguish between calendars when you have several layered on the same screen.

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