Account - Identity and Access Management

What are the @visiting.unitn.it credentials and how can you obtain them?

The @visiting.unitn.it credentials are released to the participants to events organized by the University. They are usually provided by the welcoming staff of the event and they allow the users to access some services (PCs, internet) for a limited period of time (for the duration of the event).

What are the local accounts to individual services?

Specific service related local accounts are sometimes released. For troubleshooting or information on these accounts, please refer to the specific documents.

University credentials: what are they and what are they used for?Account @Unitn.it and @guest.unitn.it)?

You need an account, i.e. access credentials (username and password) in order to access the Unitn online services.

If you need to register for the first time on an online service, students, professors, technical and administrative staff members and employees of the University need to use a
[username]@guest.unitn.it or [username]@unitn.it account. The account is used to access the online services of the Homepage, to use PCs and other services such as Wi-fi.
Please visit the page to get more information on the procedure to obtain an account.

I am a guest user wanting to obtain a student account. What can I do?

See pages about all'incardinamento.