What is SPID?

SPID, the Public System of Digital Identity, is a technology used to access the Internet and the IT servives of the Public Administration with a single ID and password.
A SPID Identity can be used to login on UniTrento's online services: Servizio SPID
For further information, please go to: https://www.spid.gov.it/

Do I use the same password which I use to access the UniTrento services?

Yes, you will use your UniTrento password because all Google Apps for Education services are based on our authentication systems.

Are resetting the password and changing the password the same thing?

No.  Both allow you to get a new password, but in different situations.

When changing the password, you must know your current password and set a new password. 

The reset password instead allows you to get a new password, in case you have forgotten the current one. For this procedure it is necessary to have linked a private e-mail address. If the link does not exist, contact account.help@unitn.it.