Italian National Public Services Card

I am a Unitrento user, I live in the province of Trento and I want to use my TS card to access the online University services.

You need request its activation at one of the activation desks of the province. You need to have a valid ID and the card itself with you.
If you have already activated you card and installed it on your PC, insert the card in the Smarty digital card reader to access the activated online services.

I do not live in Trentino. Can I use the TS card issued by the province/region where I reside?

Yes.  For any problem, you should contact the region who issued the card (click on the appropriate region in the list displayed on this page).

My CNS card is already active but I am not (yet) a UniTrento user. Can I use it?

Currently the CNS authentication is available only for users with a UniTrento account. Otherwise they need to follow the registration procedures first (e.g. enrolment for a course, master, PhD course, etc.) to insert their personal information in the UniTrento personal information system