Private calls from the service phone

Possibility to make calls and data traffic on a personal basis from the mobile phone service

The Consip convention for mobile phones provides the possibility of Dual Billing for the assignees of a mobile utility. The service (TIM TUO) allows personal traffic to be charged directly on the employee's personal credit amount, which can be topped up via the TIM portal for the Consip Mobile, ATMs and purchase at authorized retailers (tobacconists, supermarkets, etc.).   

The distinction between calls, SMS and MMS sent by employees on a personal basis takes place through the code 4146 which must be placed before the called number.

To simplify the use of the prefix you can install an app on the phone that automates the prefix of the code for the desired numbers.

The cost of calls made with the 4146 prefix is ​​deducted from the personal credit available according to the tariff plan.

The user through the portal can sign a voice+data monthly package among those provided for in the tariff plan. In this case, calls made with the 4146 prefix go to erode the monthly minutes available in the package. The data traffic of the personal package will be used only switching to the following APN profile:

  Authentication type:  PAP or CHAP
  APN type:  default,supl,dun


The default APN profile for institutional traffic is the following:

  APN type:  default,internet


Send the request to to subscribe TIM TUO.