IT laboratories

I am a student attending one of the departments/faculty of Trento city centre. Can I use any free-access workstation in all premises in Trento city centre?

Yes, students attending degree courses in Trento city centre may use all free-access workstations in the four main premises: Economics, Sociology, Humanities, Law.

I am a student of Industrial engineering, but I often stay in Mesiano. Can I use a workstation there?

Yes, students of Povo and Mesiano may use all free-access workstations in both premises.

I am a student of the Polo Collina (Povo). Can I access my personal folder from a PC that does not belong to computer rooms?

You can access your documents by connecting to the server ares.science.unitn.it with an SFTP client (e.g. Clonezilla, WinSCP, etc.). From external networks (e.g. from home), before the SFTP connection, the VPN must be activated.