Communication and Collaboration

ICT services available for communication (institutional and interpersonal) e tools for collaboration: emails and distribution lists, calendars, telephony/VoIP, video conferencing systems and the management of websites, content and web applications.

IT services that enable to create, to share and to modify information and documents, especially by using those instruments of the cloud which make the real-time interaction possible.

Telephone conferences and videoconferences
Services designed to make phone calls and to allow people in different locations to call a meeting. Their diffusion in streaming is possible through well equipped systems.

Email and calendaring
All active users in the UniTrento community are guaranteed - by default or upon request- a personal email account, so that every individual could be recognized as a University member while communicating online. The email domain varies according to the user’s role ; sometimes it may happen that a user has more domains at the same time (e.g and at the same time). Personal mailboxes may combine with organizational boxes, which are accessible to the staff of some specific offices or didactics and research structures. Among the services offered are also those instruments designed for the email in general (such as mailing lists, newsgroups, directories, systems of notification management), and the online calendar, i.e. a person or a group of people’s schedule, which is useful - if enabled - for arranging meetings and business appointments.

The phone services available to the internal staff of the University are sorted into fixed telephony (based on an internally developed VoIP platform that enables to use a fixed device and to manage the advanced features, such as the “MyVoIP portal” for configuring one’s preferences) and mobile telephony. Some specific users’ categories are provided with devices and mobile phone services (smartphones, router Wi-fi, SIM cards, etc.).

Professional multimedia services
Services dedicated to: the production, the processing and the post-production of multimedia material for research, educational and informative purposes (recording of events, conferences, lectures, internal and external speeches); the managing and archiving of all the current and past productions and their online dissemination; the designing of all the audio-video devices that improve the classrooms and departments of our University (computer screens, interactive whiteboards, projection and sound amplification systems…). In this case, the IT services unit cooperates with the Communication unit of our University.

Web sites
The UniTrento web portal is designed on an architecture that has been designed, implemented and maintained by the IT services management in cooperation with the Communication management, in order to take care of the technological aspects as well as the graphical and textual ones. Alongside it are other websites created to meet specific needs for organization and research: these could be personal websites based on a standard web content management system where the user -often a professor- autonomously posts some content, or websites designed by external companies. Among these services are also those platforms being accessible with authentication only, which enable the private management of some content (e.g. MyUnitn).