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Wi-fi Access to the University network

You can use the Wi-Fi network to connect to internet using your laptop PC (or other mobile devices) when you are in the library, in the teaching class or in other facilities of the University.

The University of Trento makes available for its users three wireless networks (SSID) to access internet through laptop PCs or other mobile devices:

  • unitn-x: the access is automatic, with encrypted traffic, after the first client’s configuration;
  • unitn: to access you need to open your browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome…) and use your credentials in the authentication screen. The data traffic is not encrypted;
  • eduroam: the University of Trento belongs to the international federation Eduroam (Education Roaming): all users of the partners can use the university wireless network using the same credentials they would use in their institution of origin, if their device is already configured according to the instructions of their institution of origin. In the same way, the users of UniTrento can automatically access to the Eduroam network in all institutions belonging to the EduRoam federation, using a device which is already configured with the UniTrento credentials.