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Website hosting


Websites for personal webpages or research projects may be hosted through the University servers managed by the University ICT staff.

The service is available both on Windows/IIS and on Apache/PHP platforms.

The ICT University staff is in charge of the system management (updates, patching, and backup). The users are in charge of the content management.

  • Apache/PHP
    • Platform: Apache 2 and PHP 5.3.1
    • Access to contents: FTPS access to the folder (configuration ftp client) from the University network (or via VPN)
    • The website address will be like http: //hosting.unitn.it/websitename
    • Users may also benefit from the DB service, linking the website to a MySQL database (manageable from the University network through phpmyadmin https://mysql.unitn.it/phpmyadmin/ )
  • IIS/.net
    • Platform: IIS7.5 + .NET
    • Access to contents: Shared folder with University credentials
    • The website address will be like http: //www6.unitn.it/websitename
Get Service 

The request to use the service shall be submitted filling in the form to be downloaded in the Attachments box and submitted through a ticket or via email to the office gestione.sistemi [at] unitn.it (subject: %5BICTS%5D%20Richiesta%20hosting%20siti%20web) (System Management )specifying the desired platform, the website name, the necessary space and the contact person.



Is it possible to have a non-UniTrento website managed by the ICT service?

Yes. The person needs to be inserted in ADA as an external technician. The management will be implemented through the VPN. The contact person must be a person employed at UniTrento.

Can I have a different address for my website?

You may require a subdomain of the unitn.it network to access website address like http://mydomain.unitn.it (see User Manual Domain Naming).

May I use a CMS (Content Management System)?

Yes. It is possible provided that the CSM does not require the installation of dedicated modules, but it is limited to the usual file upload in the document area like Joomla or WordPress.