ICT Services Polo Rovereto

The ICT services - Polo Rovereto was born after the reorganization of the University of Trento in June 2017, as an evolution of the ITM Presidium of the Polo of Rovereto.
Its task is to support local users when it comes to ICT technologies.

Outline ICT Services Polo Rovereto


  • Who we are

The service addresses all the local users belonging to the fields of teaching, research and technical-administrative services. It helps them with anything related to the basic use of digital technologies.

  • Where we are and how to reach us

For problems regarding your workstation (computer, telephone, printer), please contact one of the following The ICT services:
· Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences, Palazzo Istruzione, office 2.5 (top floor, north side)
· CIMeC, Palazzo Fedrigotti,offices C237 and C238 (second floor, main building)
· CeRIN, Trade Center, office 20 (third floor)

ICT Services Desk Polo Rovereto Map

  • How to contact us

You can ask for our supports writing a ticket through the platform Service Desk or sending an email to ITPoloRovereto.help@unitn.it

ICT services
Corso Bettini, 31 - 38068 Rovereto (TN)
tel. +39 0464 80 8430 - 8429 - 8428
via M. del Ben, 5b - 38068 Rovereto (TN)
tel. +39 0464 80 8113


  • Timetables

Monday and Friday, from 9.00 to 13.45; Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, from 9.00 to 16.30.

IT laboratories

Every structure is provided with adequately configured stations for lessons, exercises, exams, seminars and conferences.

See the laboratories of the Polo Rovereto.

Printing service

Users of the University can print in colour or b / w in A4 or A3 format directly from their stations.

All the printers are identified by a name, which also appears on the label on the printer itself.
All the names are similar to this model: PI_p0_Portineria_Colore, where:

  • PI / PF / TC = Palazzo Istruzione / Palazzo Fedrigotti / Trade Center
  • p0 = Zero Plan
  • portineria = Identification place where the printer resides
  • Colore / Nero = Printer Type (Colour or Black and White)

The detailed status of the printers is visible, after the authentication, at the link https://rov-services.unitn.it/printers/

The closest printer will always be installed on the workstation computers.

If you are using the workstation computer connected via WiFi, you can always choose the printer you want to use.

The instructions for the Operating System can be found by following one of these links:
Windows: Print (EN)
MAC: Print (EN)
Linux: Print (EN)

Local services

Poster printing
Educational and research laboratories - Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences
Poster printing is available, on request, for members of the institutions of the Polo di Rovereto.

Features of devices and posters
Plotter: HP Z2100 inkjet (year of purchase 2014);
Standard size for poster: A0 (841x1189 mm.) - biggest printable size - or B1 (700x1000 mm);
Type of file you can print: .pdf or .ppt;
Paper: 90 g / m2 (standard);
Colours: we recommend you not to use colours as a background.

How to request it and processing times
The request (poster-cogsci@unitn.it) is taken over by the dedicated office that may ask for further clarification or additions.
Processing times: three working days from the day of the request, compatibly with the number of active requests;
Delivery: once the poster is printed, you will receive an email notification; the poster can be collected at the janitor’s quarters at the Palazzo Istruzione;
Charges: those agreed with the belonging structure.