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User Service Helpdesk - Rovereto

User Service - ICT Service, Rovereto

The ICT US Helpdesk in Rovereto was created in November 2012, when the administrative structure was reorganised, as a result of the evolution of the ITM Service of Rovereto.

The Helpdesk supports the local users in the use of ICT technologies.

The service is therefore the point of reference for local users working in the teaching, research, administrative and technical field for the basic use of the digital technologies.

Specific features:

  • it provides ICT support, both directly or through the Helpdesk platforms;
  • it provides first level support for the centralised services (overall University services) like: accounting, networking, online services of the Informative system, email, advanced calculation services, archive services, website and web services;
  • it monitors the distribution and installation of the campus SW;
  • it is in charge of the concrete management of plants, rooms and local computer teaching labs;
  • it supervises the management and maintenance of equipment: PC, laptops, client terminals, printers, mobile devices and peripherals located in the various local facilities;

The Rovereto SU Helpdesk is active in:

Palazzo Istruzione, the headquarters of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Science, its Secretariat and Presidency Offices, the PC labs and teaching rooms.

Palazzo Fedrigotti, where the offices and laboratories of the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences are located, together with a part of CIMeC - Center for Mind/Brain Sciences and the Doctoral course in Cognitive and Brain Sciences.

Trade Center, with some of the professors’ offices and the areas devoted to the people working in the Department of Psychology and Cognitive Sciences and the CeRiN (Center for Neurocognitive Rehabilitation).

Palazzo Annona, where the Library of Cognitive Sciences is located, to consult and lend books, and access internet.

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Contacts of the US Helpdesk - Rovereto
Send an email to: icts.polorovereto [at] unitn.it
Open a ticket


Is there an Email Backup?

The University Email server is managed in a centralised manner and it also cares for the Email Backup. If you need to recover lost or accidentally deleted messages well in advance (you can open a ticket to signal what you need to recover).

Can I access a personal, safe, restricted-access data storage?

Every user of the UNITN domain has his/her personal space identified with the letter Z: in My Computer, when his/her account is created. This space is independent from the computer on which the user accesses. The systems managing it are designed to safeguard the privacy and integrity of the data stored in it.

I would like to share data, how can I do this?

Students willing to share data on the network can use a specific space, called “rafanass”, which is periodically deleted and it is visible to everyone.
However, students drafting their dissertation or needing for specific reasons, to access a private space, may contact the US to get information.

Is the PC I use in my office or in the lab safe? Can I ask to install an antivirus programme on my laptop PC?

All PCs are protected by the Antivirus programme of the University. The relevant updates, the virus detection and the programmed scanning. If the laptop PC belongs to the University and if it is used by the University staff as workstation. Otherwise you are required to autonomously get a personal Antivirus.

How I can print files from the ICT labs?

The copy/printing/scanning service (colour) is available in Palazzo Istruzione, in the basement, next to the PC labs. Students can access this service by downloading the files to print on a USB stick and use the prepaid card, which they can buy in the card machine nearby.