University network

MAN, the University network, interconnects all the premises of the Rector’s Office, the Departments, the administrative offices and peripheral premises.

All premises are connected with the University network according to various methods. The main premises are connected with optic fibre with a connection speed of 1Gb/s or 100Mb/s. The optic fibre is provided by the local provider Trentino Network. Other premises are connected through radio relay connections or ADSL links provided by Trentino Network.

The premises’ local networks are connected with MAN through layer3 devices.

Some premises are equipped with a redundancy system which intervenes in case of disruption or malfunctioning of the main link.

The backup connections are made with radio links that use frequencies at 24 or 5 GHz (depending on the distance of the locations to be connected) and offer performance of approximately 700 or 450 Mbps respectively. The network automatically detects any problems on the main link and routes the traffic to backup links within a few seconds of switching time.


University network

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