Unitn-SPID wireless network

Access to the "unitn-SPID" wireless network

The “unitn-SPID” wireless network is available at the BUC (the main library of our University). The authentication is performed via captive portal (a login web page). Web credentials and password are communicated in a secure way over the network (HTTPS). The data traffic is not encrypted.

The unitn-SPID network is meant to offer a wi-fi service to the citizens who already have SPID credentials (visit https://www.spid.gov.it/richiedi-spid for further information) and who often visit our main library - BUC.

This service is one of the recent innovations following the latest amendments to the CAD (Code of Digital Administration, in particular the D.Lgs. 26 agosto 2016, n.179). It basically provides Internet connectivity to those citizens who frequent our Main Library through the so-called SPID (Public System of Digital Identity).

Technical notes and configuration parameters:

     SSID: unitn-SPID

     Authentication: Captive Portal (users are redirected to a login page as soon as they open the browser)

     Access: by using the SPID credentials


All connected devices are provided with a private IP address of the network