Azure service terms of use

Microsoft Azure is a platform of cloud services offered to UniTrento users.

The use of the offered features is to be considered limited for institutional University purposes.

The following services are active on the platform:

Azure UniTrento: authentication, access duration and data removal

Teachers, researchers, technical staff, administrative staff and students can access the Microsoft Azure services dedicated to them using their University  credentials.
Azure platform services will be available only to people having an active role in the University.
After completing the role in the University, personal informations associated with the University credentials and all related data will be removed and deleted from the Azure cloud using automated procedures.
The removed data will be impossible to recover.
It will be the burden of the users to export and save informations that should not be deleted after terminating the relationship with the University or after completion of studies.

Microsoft Azure Dev Tools for Teaching

Students of scientific departments (DICAM, DII, DISI, CIBIO, PHYSICS, MATHS, C3A) have access to the  Azure Dev Tools for Teaching, previously known as Microsoft Imagine, which provides Microsoft’s professional design and development tools, services and software. Software obtained through the Azure Dev Tools for Teaching subscription should be used only for instruction and research purposes. At the end of the relationship with the University, the user must remove any software installed from personal devices.

MICROSOFT OFFICE 365 Download only products

Teachers, researchers, technical staff, administrative staff and students are eligible to receive Office 365 Education which includes Word, Excel , Power Point and Outlook. In order to obtain the Office download service, you need a valid email address that allows you to download and install Office on up to 5 devices (PC, Mac or mobile devices).

Users can log in directly using their University credentials at link that will be published when the service is fully active.

Once logged in, you can take advantage of the software and services allowed for you.
Teachers, researchers, technical staff and administrative staff can use the software until the end of the working contract with the University.
Students can user the software until their degree or the end of the enrolment period in the University.
The user must remove the installed software after the end of the enrolment period in the University or the end of the working contract with the University.

Access to service Login Microsoft online

AZURE Cloud services for datacenter

Microsoft Azure services will be used also for a research on virtual machines, containers, PaaS services and SaaS only by the Direction if information systems services and information technologies.
Access to the services will be disabled on the working contract termination date.

The University reserves the right to change these terms of service anytime.

Acceptance of the terms implies the vision of Microsoft Services Agreement


v.1.0 - December 2019