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Data network



The “CERT @unitn” service manages the computer security incidents involving, at all levels, users and hosts connected with the university network.

Digital certificates for servers

The SSL certificates, at the basis of the HTTPS protocol, certify the ownership of a website and allow the encrypted communication between the browser and the server hosting its website. They must be used when the website exchanges confidential information when the client (like the password or the credit card number).

HelpDesk students

ICT Service Helpdesk for students

Please refer to the websites of the Departments/Centres for further information on other University services (administration, education, organization, communication).

unitn wireless network

The “unitn” wireless network (announced via SSID “unitn”) is available in all University facilities, in the protocols 02.11b/g (2.4GHz); in some facilities the protocols 802.11a (5GHz) are available and in a few the protocol 802.11n (with better performance).

The authentication goes through the web (captive portal). The credentials transit on the network in a safe manner (HTTPS). The data traffic is not encrypted.


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