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The University of Trento provides to its community members a set of ICT services to carry out daily activities. These services can be accessed through a personal account. The list of available services with a specific account is established according to the role played by the person in the University.


ADA manages the digital identities of people who entertain relationships with the University of Trento. ADA defines their roles, creates and issues the authentication accounts and the access control to the services provided by the University..

Digital signature

A digital signature allows a user to electronically sign their documents (PDF or other file extensions) by providing the public key of the certificate authority that issued the digital certificate.

The Information and communication technology management requires the digital certificate, which is necessary to check the digital certificate owner's digital signature.


Unitn-SPID wireless network

The “unitn-SPID” wireless network is available at the BUC (the main library of our University). The authentication is performed via captive portal (a login web page). Web credentials and password are communicated in a secure way over the network (HTTPS). The data traffic is not encrypted.

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