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The University of Trento provides to its community members a set of ICT services to carry out daily activities. These services can be accessed through a personal account. The list of available services with a specific account is established according to the role played by the person in the University.


ADA manages the digital identities of people who entertain relationships with the University of Trento. ADA defines their roles, creates and issues the authentication accounts and the access control to the services provided by the University..

HelpDesk students

ICT Service Helpdesk for students

Please refer to the websites of the Departments/Centres for further information on other University services (administration, education, organization, communication).

Italian National Public Services Card

The Italian National Public Services Card -   (TS) - is a tool to identify the users online, so that they can access the services of the Italian public administrations.

The University of Trento has activated the card which may be used to access the web applications of the University. Users who already have University credentials (name.surname [at] unitn.it) may avoid inserting their username and password and simply inserting their card in the relevant activated devices.

Please contact the institutions which released your card for more information on the issuing, activation and malfunctioning of the TS-CNS card. Please click on your region.


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