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System resources, file sharing, backup


System resources at your disposal

There are two kinds of system resources: the ones that are regularly backed up (on a magnetic tape or another data storage medium), and the ones that are not backed up.


Backup copies:

  • the “Documenti” and “Desktop” folders for people who use a computer terminal or a desktop computer and have “redirected folders”;

  • the “Shares1” folder on the “Alessandria1” server; in Windows, the drive letter assigned to this volume will be J:

You can save your personal documents in the first ones, while the second ones can be used to share files between offices or closed groups of users.

Not-backed-up files:

  • the “NBshares1” folder on the “Alessandria1” server;  in Windows, the drive letter assigned to this volume will be Q:

  • the folder named after the user’s name inside “NBusers1” on the “Alessandria1” server; in Windows, the drive letter assigned to this volume will be T:

These resources are designed to store the data present on the user’s hard disk. These resources are for those who use laptops or still do not have “redirected folders”, and they can also be useful for viewing the files already stored on a CD (or on another data storage medium) that do not need to be backed up.

Both of these folders are created automatically and owned by every individual user. To obtain office/shared folders, a request must be made and submitted to “Helpdesk” and include the name or the purpose, the group of people who are going to use them and the necessary authorization.

These University resources should not be used for unofficial activities. Such folders are regularly and automatically checked: files being irreversibly damaged and affected by viruses will be deleted automatically without notice. Pay attention to copyright!

“Redirected folders”:

This is a technical device which redirects the “Desktop” and “Documents” folders to a location on a server. This ensures that your files and folders are safe, even in the case of a hard disk failure. Furthermore, our server is regularly backed up.

What changes on the operating system level:

  • Trash: files that are deleted will be permanently erased from the file system. Only those files located in the “Documents” folder will be moved to the trash.

  • Remote access: every time you enter your name and password to access a computer at the University, you will find your own “Documents” folder and your Desktop! You can also access your Desktop environment through a remote desktop software: to do this, you need to be given the authorization by “Helpdesk”.

  • Quota: server space is not unlimited and lots of people’s folders must be stored in it. Therefore this resource must be used for University business only. Also, please try to favour using the folders shared by your office/structure, rather than using your own “Documents” folder.

The size of folders is regularly checked and you may be asked to store a portion of your data .

If your files are old and do not need to be modified any more, you can store them in a CD or another medium, whenever you want. Once you have stored your files, you can delete them from the “Documents” folder (or shared folders) and move them to a not backed up folder (see  "le risorse di rete a mia disposizione").

Recovery of a deleted/accidentally modified file

If you want to restore a file from a back up, send an email to helpdesk [at] amm.unitn.it ()

specifying where the file was and what its name was, or whether it was a shared or a personal folder (in case you have redirected folders). For example, in the first case you should provide us with the following information: J:\Uff.Convegni\Folder\Subdirectory\namefile.xls”     or "\\nameserver\Div.Bilancio\Folder\Subdirectory\namefile.doc".

In the second, your username and "Documents\Folder\Subdirectory\namefile.xls" or "Desktop\Folder\Subdirectory\namefile.doc".

It is possible to restore a file from a back up dating back no more than two weeks.