Predetermined responses

This feature allows you to have a set of predetermined responses to common questions in your Gmail account.

If you receive emails requesting information frequently and you have to give always the same answer, canned responses may be helpful. This feature allows you to avoid to copy and paste from external documents.

Of course, you can use multiple "canned responses" at the same time, if you need to be more articulate in responding to the email.

This feature can be useful even in the case you need to put different "signatures" at the end of your email in order to personalize your messages with the appropriate signature.

Watch the tutorial and see how to use "canned responses".

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Before using your "canned responses" you will need to save some email templates. Then, you will be able to easily edit your model as a draft email and send it to your recipients. 

It may be useful to create two versions of your response, one in English and the other one in Italian.


Watch the tutorial ad see how to insert and edit your texts.

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The new predetermined response creates a new draft every time you paste it.
Deleting a draft that has the title of the canned response in the subject line is to delete the canned response itself.
In order to avoid such an eventuality, we advise you to tag your drafts with an appropriate lebel.

NB: This is a Google Lab feature, i.e. Google considers it a feature still in the experimental stage, and reserves the right to modify it or eliminate it at will.