ICT Services Catalogue -Glossary

Access link: address to access the service (in the case of online services). It can request authentication (usually through university credentials or SPID, in some cases with specific local service accounts)

Availability: basic information on the timing and / or conditions of access to the service, including any maintenance windows. For example 24x7 means that the service is active 24 hours a day for 7 days a week

Coordinator: point of reference in the management of a range of services and in decisions concerning him; this figure can have a technological and / or functional component, and represents the service both internally to the IT Department and to external stakeholders

Documentation: information materials accompanying the service (FAQ, guidelines, projects ...). In some cases guidelines are available upon authentication

Features: properties and technical features of the service

Need help?: Help form that sends the request to the appropriate address

Options: possible different ways in which the service is provided

Setting: group of similar services, or set of alternative services, which aim to achieve the same purpose

Prerequisites: profiling, competence, technological equipment or other prerogative that must be possessed to use the service

Price: any amount (in cash or exchange goods) that the end user or the membership structure is required to pay to enjoy the service

Profiling: indicates if and how the access to the service are differentiated according to the user's role

Purpose: purpose that the service aims to achieve 

Release date: date when the service was released

Service: not tangible asset that transfers value to a user facilitating the achievement of the expected results

Service request: instructions to start an application to access the service (link to an online form or an indication of a contact for information)

SLA: Service Level Agreement, estimated time within which the support request is taken into consideration. For example 8x5xNBD (Next Business Day) indicates that the report will be taken on board within eight working hours of the day after

Support: approaches to be used to request help: by contacting your user support (former "IT Presidium"), or by connecting to the platform https://servicedesk2.unitn.it/ to "open a ticket", or fill in the form suggested.



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