I have an @unitn.it account, I need to reset my password but I never set an alternative email

If you have SPID identity or a valid TS-CNS (Tessera Sanitaria - Carta Nazionale dei Servizi), you can change or reset your password autonomously:

https://webapps.unitn.it/password1/en/pwdutl/ChangePwdCns (https://webapps.unitn.it/password1/it/pwdutl/ChangePwdCns)

Otherwise, please contact account.help [at] unitn.it attaching an identy document or refer to your helpdesk office: https://icts.unitn.it.unitn.it/servizi-di-polo (https://icts.unitn.it.unitn.it/servizi-di-polo)

Source URL: https://icts.unitn.it/faq-item/pwddomanda2