Google Form

Google Form (or Google Module) is an application which can be used to create surveys or online quiz and send them to other people.

Google Form allows to add, to modify or to change the layout of text, image or video in a module.

Create a new Form

It is possible to create a new form, both from Google interface and Google drive. 

  • From “Google App Menu”: Click the "Form" icon.

  • From “Google drive”: Click on "New" and then on "Other" and finally on "Google Form"


In both cases, the following screen will open (see image):

crea modulo

Once you've created a form, you can add and edit questions and other content. In particular, you can handle a form consisting of multiple questions with different customization settings.

modifica modulo

Once the creation is complete, all you have to do is share the form with those who are pointing through the "send" button (see image above).


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