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Credentials to access services: the University accounts

The University of Trento provides to its community members a set of ICT services to carry out daily activities. These services can be accessed through a personal account. The list of available services with a specific account is established according to the role played by the person in the University.

The University provides three different types of accounts:

  • it is released to people who do not belong yet to the University community (for example those willing to enrol to a degree course or participate in a selection or call for applications). The service is managed by the application GiADA (
  • it is a permanent account released by a University facility (for example to staff employed by the University or to students who have completed their enrolment procedure). The service is managed by the application  ADA (
  • it is a temporary account released to access basic services (for example the participants in a meeting who need to access internet). The service is managed by the application Visiting (

Most ICT services requirin an authentications phase use one of the above mentioned accoutn types, which are usable at University level; there also are particular services which may be accessed only through specific local accounts.

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