What’s the difference between personal and institutional email address?

Personal email address (i.e. Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Hotmail…) has been registered at the moment of account creation or acquired by SPID identity and it is necessary for the online password recovey procedure. Instead, institutional email address is automatically assigned by Universisty to every student,basing on your present or past role in UniTrento (i.e. a student has a @studenti.unitn.it address, a graduate a @alumni.unitn.it one; a student who has interrupted the course of study has a @ex-studenti.unitn.it address). Please note that students receive an institutional email address only after the definitive enrollment (within 24 hours); a guest user has no institutional email address: name.surname@gust.unitn.it is only a temporary account not an email address.


Source URL: https://icts.unitn.it/faq-item/ammpwd9