University Data Center

Ensure the correct functioning of the Data Center infrastructure. Resource planning Monitoring of electrical systems (UPS, electrical panels, PDU) Monitoring of air conditioning systems (fridge, air treatment) Video surveillance supervision Fire system supervision Access control Inventory and monitoring SW (DCE, DCO)

The University Datacenter is located inside Block 2 of the Scientific and Technological Centre in via Sommarive 9, Povo. The Rack Room has a surface area of 225 m² and houses 55 racks, which are grouped in four independent areas for a total of 2640 rack units.

Power Supply

The power supply is guaranteed by a couple of modular UPS systems providing 125 KW (up to a maximum of 250 KW) and offering 30 minutes of autonomy in the event of loss of normal power supply; however, each UPS system is protected by an engine-generator making the datacenter practically independent of the electricity supply. Electrical power then reaches the racks through sepate and distinct paths, thereby guaranteeing the electrical redundancy in the installed devices and the supply control thanks to “smart” PDUs (Power Distribution Units), which are able to monitor the actual consumption, the alarms, and the remote management of utilities.


The free cooling air-conditioning system in the rooms is supplied by two chiller units (which use less power in the colder months of the year) assisting the 8 machines in the racks room with chilling water. Each machine draws in warm air from the environment, cools it and then forces it beneath the raised floor (80 cm), which supplies the conditioned air into the isolated zones of the building. The goal is to store cool air in the central aisle, so that the units could draw in conditioned air and cool their internal components, and finally expel it from the isolated zones. This method makes it possible to separate warm air from cool air, and to save energy by limiting the volume of air that must be cooled. Even the air-conditioning system is completely redundant.


The infrastructure has all the necessary elements to guarantee the security of our rooms and the continuity of services:

  • controlled access by key card and biometrics authentication
  • video-monitored rooms
  • intrusion alarm systems
  • fire-detection system with local and remote alarms
  • fire-suppression system
  • air-conditioning system keeping the temperature within 25 °C
  • supervisioning system with alarm signals

While projecting the datacenter, we took energy saving very much into account and respected the following arrangements:

  • DynamicFreeCooling: the use of external air for air-conditioning
  • Cool and compartmentalized central aisle
  • Recovery of waste heat in order to reuse it and heat water
  • Monitoring of power usage effectiveness (PUE) in real time

The datacenter consists in:

  • a racks area
  • a console room
  • electrical switchboards
  • UPS1
  • UPS2

and it covers an overall area of 225 m².


Network (firewall, core switch) redundant core architecture.

The datacenter also has

  • 960 1 Gb slots
  • 192 10 Gb slots
  • 64 40 Gb slots
  • 80⁄160 Gb uplink

The wiring measures 12.000 metres: it consists of a system of UTP cat 6A copper wires and 2.000 metres of optical fibre.

Virtual Visit


DATACENTER_VIRTUALE by unitngs on Sketchfab

Immagine del Data Center di Povo
Data Center, vista 1
Immagine del Data Center di Povo
Data Center, vista 2


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