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MyDU - Frequently Asked Questions


1. Introduction

About MyDU
Digital University (DU) and MyDU  are two independent systems. DU has been designed to automatically use data coming from existing University information systems. MyDU complements such data with additional personal information that were not included in any other existing system.
What data are processed by MyDU?
In MyDU, users can manage their personal data including photo, cv, personal notices, thesis proposals, office hours. Users can also set their preferences to hide or display information on courses, publications, theses and projects.

2. Competences

What is the vocabulary of competences?
The vocabulary, in line with well-established knowledge organization techniques, is made up of a series of classifications (one for each academic department or centre) which contain the descriptors of the University’s main competences in ranking order. The descriptors are both in Italian and in English.
Who is in charge of updating the vocabulary of competences?
The vocabulary of competences is updated by the Information assets management division with collaboration from representatives of each of the University’s departments and centres. 
How is the vocabulary updated?
The vocabulary is periodically updated and saved in a new version in light of the suggestions received from the University’s teaching and research staff. This work is performed in compliance with the guidelines of standard ISO 25964-1
Why is it important to maintain profiles updated?
The competences you select for your profile are displayed on Digital University both on your personal page and in the expert and competences search page, and they help make the most of the University’s human resources. 
How should I select my competences?
Login to your MyDU area and select your competences form the vocabulary you see in the left column.
In which language should I select my competences?
It does not matter. When you select a competence, for example, in Italian, it is automatically selected in English too.
Can I select competences that are listed under a department or centre which is not the one I am affiliated with?
Yes. Every competence is displayed with the acronym of the department it belongs to. For example, “Biology [CIBIO]” means that the competence belongs to CIBIO’s classification.
How many competences can I select?
You can select up to 15 competences. The system will tell you how many competences you have selected. For example, if you read 2/15 in the right column of the application, it means that you have already selected 2 out of a maximum of 15 competences. Once you have selected the maximum number of competences, the system will ask you to delete at least one of them in order to add a different one.
I could not find the competence I would like to select. What can I do?
The competence may be filed under a synonym of the term you are looking for. For example, you may not find the term “philology” but you may find “linguistics”. If you still cannot find the competence it means that nobody suggested its inclusion in the vocabulary.
How can I suggest to include a new competence in the vocabulary?
Write a comment. Comments are associated with specific competences in the vocabulary. First click on the tag of the descriptor you find closer to the competence you wish to add and then write your comment in the right column. For example, if you wish to add the “molecular biology” competence, first click on “biology”.
What are comments for?
Comments are used to edit or add competences to the vocabulary.
I have updated my competences profile but I can’t see the changes in the DU portal. Why?
The DU portal is updated once a day. The system takes a snapshot of MyDU profiles at 12.00 every day and completes the update by the morning of the following day.
I have deleted a competence by mistake, but I can’t remember which one. What can I do?
There is a time lapse between when you update your profile in MyDU and when the portal is updated. Just look up your public profile on the portal and find out how it looked like the day before.
Does the selection of a competence influence other higher- or lower-ranking competences?
No. The competences are ordered from the most general to the most specific as recommended by standard ISO 25964-1, but all competences are independent. This may change in the future.
How is the language selected?
The system initially selects your language based on your browser settings. If you would like to change your settings, login to the application and click on the relevant IT or EN button in the navigation bar on top of the page where you can also find the link to the helpdesk and the logout button. Do not mistake this with the similar settings just above the competences list in the left column, as the latter only concerns the competences language.
Can a competence be listed under different classifications?
Yes. In some cases this is because a given competence is considered a key competence by more than one department. In other cases it could be a redundant duplication. In any case, when you select one or more of a competence’s options the portal will reply in the same way.