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Mobile Phone Service

Mobile Phone Service & Network Connectivity

The PHONE service is responsible for managing the mobile phone service and the network connectivity

The University of Trento provides mobile phone and device services for faculty and staff business use. The PHONE service provides ex officio the supply of such devices for users who have an institutional role.

Managers may request said services for their own staff in conformity with the rules and regulations contained in the “Regolamento per la concessione e l’uso per ragioni di servizio di telefoni cellulari e strumenti per la connettività IP da rete mobile”.

Among the services provided are:

  • a mobile phone on a maintenance contract, and a SIM CARD
  • SIM DATA with a USB wireless modem to get access to the Internet from a computer
  • a voice or data SIM CARD


SIM CARDs can also be activated for personal use on condition that the applicants supplied the necessary deposit account documentation, so that the provider could charge the bills directly to their accounts. At the moment, about 200 University mobile devices and pendrives are active.

It is possible to connect Wi-Fi enabled mobile phones to the University wireless network and services.

The PHONE service is also responsible for reporting the respective telephone expenses and fees to Departments and Centres.

This mobile phone service is offered in agreement with Consip Telefonia mobile 6



Non riesco a ricevere/effettuare chiamate dal cellulare di servizio

Apri un ticket al servizio servicedesk (http://servicedesk.unitn.it) selezionando la classe ‘PHONE Services Support’

Vorrei poter effettuare chiamate private

Apri un ticket al servizio servicedesk (http://servicedesk.unitn.it) selezionando la classe ‘PHONE Services Support’