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Management of business trips

Integrative management system for the erp/web service for the requests of business trip authorisation and reimbursement requests

This is a tool to manage the business trips of staff and employees of the University of Trento, from the authorisation to the reimbursement of the expenses.

This application aims at replacing the traditional paper documents with a digital tool, to reduce the reimbursement time, make the process more transparent (users can monitor the process status and the activity of the administration: the application makes all actions available and commented upon); optimise the use of resources through the access to self-service functions and create a detailed informative repository.

The access to the service starts from the UniTrento website, via ADA (using the user’s credentials) and is available in English too.

The system is made of a web section to collect the submitted requests (from the authorisation to the business trip to the reimbursement of expenses) which is integrated with the SAP accounting system. The application manages the approval workflows with the participation of all involved actors: applicant, relevant technical and administrative staff, project coordinators and accounting centre (during the authorisation phase). At the end of the workflow the registrations are acquired directly into the accounting system to be then paid.

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Access to (authentication required) Business trip management