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Library - Online services


The digital bibliographic collection may be accessed both from the reading rooms of the University premises, using the available public PC or personal laptop PC connected with the University network, and from all PC via internet.
Users may access the online collection without authentication, from any PC connected with the University network, while the University credentials are required to access from other computers.

The university book collection includes about 430,000 books, 11,500 paper journals and over 10,300 digital magazines and journals, accessible for University users and external people.
Book lending, the use of digital resources and all other services (with the exception of internet access) are available to all citizens after they filled in the Registration form to access the University Library System.

Such services include:

  • Reading and lending out of books
  • National and international inter-library lending system and provision of articles (for the users of the University Library System)
  • National and international inter-library lending system and provision of articles (for the users of libraries outside the Province of Trento)
  • Bibliographic Reference
  • Internet access
  • Training
  • Copy service
  • New books in the library
  • Purchase proposals
  • Services for visually impaired users

Please read http://www.unitn.it/biblioteca for further information.


Can I download the full-text of a scientific article on my home PC?

Yes, if you have your university credentials and if the article is available among the digital resources of the University. No changes or specific configuration is required on your PC. When you access the article text the system will ask you to insert your credentials.

Can I use the online resources keeping a direct bookmark to the resource?

Yes, if the publisher requires the federate authentication and the IDEM federation membership (UniTrento is a member). Otherwise it is necessary to access the resource from the library’s webpages.

Do I need to access via VPN to use services from home?

Only to access some type of resources (usually databases) which are explicitly signalled in the catalogues.

Can I save and/or print the content of the resource?

It depends on the specific service offered by the specific product/publisher. The download modality and the bibliographic information recovery are different.