Laptops for thesis presentation

To meet the needs of Sciences and Engineering students, we offer the opportunity to try thesis presentations in the classroom where the final discussion will take place.

At the Polo Città and the Polo Rovereto, all the classrooms are equipped, in addition to the normal systems for projection and microphones, of a desktop computer, where you can upload your presentation or video via pen drive.

At the Polo Collina, professors prefer using laptops for their lessons, making it unnecessary to equip the classrooms with a desktop computer.

Therefore, during the degree sessions and, generally speaking, during events, the US will install a laptop and other devices - like cameras for videocall - where needed.

Go to the Student Desk of the ICT Services in the period between the Monday of the week before the presentation and the day before the presentation itself to upload it to the designated laptop. You can also borrow the laptop, by leaving an identity document, to test the presentation in the classroom. On the day of the dissertation/thesis defence, you’ll find the presentation in a folder in the designate laptop, which will be given to the Committee Chairman.

Go to the Student Desk of the ICT Services where, 3 working days before the call, will find all the laptops where you can upload the presentation. You can also take the PC to the classroom, for a more thorough check (*), just by leaving an identity document. On the day of the dissertation/thesis defence, the PCs will be placed in the classrooms for the final test at least half an hour before the start of the session.

(*) to test the presentation in the classroom, please ask the at porter's lodge if the room is available. You will also need to ask for the remote control as well as for the cable to connect the laptop to the projector.
For any further information about resolution, format, etc., ask the staff of the ICT Services Office.