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Italian National Public Services Card

Autenticazione ai servizi web UniTrento

The Italian National Public Services Card -   (TS) - is a tool to identify the users online, so that they can access the services of the Italian public administrations.

The University of Trento has activated the card which may be used to access the web applications of the University. Users who already have University credentials (name.surname [at] unitn.it) may avoid inserting their username and password and simply inserting their card in the relevant activated devices.

Please contact the institutions which released your card for more information on the issuing, activation and malfunctioning of the TS-CNS card. Please click on your region.

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Please check the correct functioning of the TS-CNS card accessing one of the activated online services regarding its use in the region where you live. Please use the list of the Italian regions in this page for more information.

If your TS-CNS card functions regularly, please contact account.help [at] unitn.it (subject: ICTs%20-%20Problemi%20con%20TS-CNS)  to transmit your taxpayer code to double-check the configuration of your @unitn.it account at Unitrento.


I am a Unitrento user, I live in the province of Trento and I want to use my TS card to access the online University services.

You need request its activation at one of the activation desks of the province. You need to have a valid ID and the card itself with you.
If you have already activated you card and installed it on your PC, insert the card in the Smarty digital card reader to access the activated online services.

I do not live in Trentino. Can I use the TS card issued by the province/region where I reside?

Please find the list of active services on: http://www.cartaservizi.provincia.tn.it/contatti/

I am not from Trentino: can I use my TS card issued by the institution located where I live?

Yes, if the card has been activated and if you have installed the relevant SW on your PC. Please contact the issuing authority for all possible questions/problems (see the list of regions published in this webpage).

My CNS card is already active but I am not (yet) a UniTrento user. Can I use it?

Currently the CNS authentication is available only for users with a UniTrento account. Otherwise they need to follow the registration procedures first (e.g. enrolment for a course, master, PhD course, etc.) to insert their personal information in the UniTrento personal information system.