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ICT User Helpdesk - Povo/Mesiano Unit

Presentazione dello sportello servizi utente di collina

The ICT User Helpdesk - Povo/Mesiano was created in 2013 as a result of the previous helpdesks in Mesiano (L.d.C.) and Povo (Cisca). It includes the facilities of Povo (former Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Natural science) and the new buildings (Polo Ferrari 1 and 2), and the former Faculty of Engineering in Mesiano, including the five Departments: Physics; Civil, environmental and mechanical engineering; Information engineering and science; Industrial engineering, Mathematics; and CIBIO.

The coordinator of the ICT Helpdesk is Francesca Salvetti who coordinates 6 other staff members.

The services autonomously and directly provided by the Helpdesk include:

The Helpdesk provides first level support for the centralised services (overall University services) like:

  • accounting
  • networking
  • management of the HW and SW of the systems
  • management of the multimedia equipment located in the teaching labs and rooms.
  • management of the multimedia equipment located in the libraries, administrative offices, student helpdesks (in agreement with the office of the city unit)
  • helpdesk for users regarding the email service
  • helpdesk for users to install SW available in the campus.

Please view the full list of services on .... List of services


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