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ICT User Helpdesk - City Unit


The facilities and offices supported by the User Support Helpdesk - City are located in the Trento city centre, including the premises of Economics, Law, Humanities, Sociology, where the User Support Helpdesks are located.

The helpdesks also provide they services to the Library, the Rector’s office, the premises of the administrative offices in the Molino Vittoria building and the ICT services of the DirSISTI building.

ICT User Helpdesk

Technical support and User support

The Technical support and User support services are targeted to all staff of the teaching, research and administrative units/offices connected with the city centre.
The service is provided directly and in cooperation with the specific structures of the SISTI Unit, also using the digitalised University ServiceDesk platform.

The service includes:

  • first level helpdesk with request acceptance and consequent activation of the suitable tools for troubleshooting
  • technical advice for the acquisition of ICT systems and equipment, both for the research units and for the organizational structures.
  • technical support for the use of audio and video broadcasting systems of the teaching rooms
  • technical support and service for audio and video recording during all events (conferences, meetings, etc.) organised in the various dedicated venues

Management of the online University services

The management of the online University services regards the usability and access by external users to all online services of the University Informative System (SAP, ESSE3, ADA, etc.) and to the collaboration application platforms, email, advanced calculation and archive, printing, the University website and the delivery of the Campus software.

The sharing and application of best practices and common standards aimed at safeguarding the quality, the continuity of services and the cyber security of the University are particularly important elements.

The service is available for the users of the teaching, research and administrative units of the city area, and for students of any of the above department/centre/faculty.

The service includes:

  • support regarding the usability of the University online services and of the local ICT services for the authorised users (domain, print server, file server, etc.)
  • support for the access to the University network
  • allocation and management of the mailboxes of the local domain
  • management and maintenance of the local ICT and multimedia systems with the consequent monitoring of the access to services, aiming at an integrative security
  • setup, update and system management of the serves still located in the peripheral rooms
  • collaboration with the Audio and multimedia materials unit for the best management of the audio-video equipment located in the teaching rooms and other facilities of the city area

Management of computer rooms

The service includes the planning, activation and concrete management of the teaching computer rooms and laboratories of the city area, according to the standardisation criteria and aimed at the sharing of the knowledge at unit level.

Currently the various venues host 22 computer rooms, with almost 500 PC workstations.
Apart from the standard equipment, shared by almost all PC rooms, specific software aimed at the specific teaching activity of each venue are installed and then constantly updated on each workstation.
The access to workstation depends on the type of activity carried out in the room, varying from free access - for students - to the restricted access for teaching activities and exams.
The opening hours usually covers the entire day during the whole year.

The service is developed on a set of guidelines:

  • planning, implementation, activation and management of the PC rooms;
  • management of the access to workstations, in particular with reference to the specific setups connected with the lessons and the exams;
  • support and technical assistance for the use of the installed ICT equipment.
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Services may be accessed using the University ServiceDesk (ticket) or going personally to the ICT User Helpdesks.