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The Housing Service is addressed to all University departments and centers wishing their own servers to be installed in the University datacenter.


The Housing service allows those who have not found an alternative to the services the datacenter offers (hosting web, hosting virtual machine, ecc.) to install their own hardware infrastracture (server o storage) in a datacenter designed to meet the needs of a computer infrastructure regarding reliability, sustainability and security  such as:

  • stable and uninterrupted power supply (redundant power supply, UPS, engine-generator)
  • monitored and constant operating temperature
  • secure and reliable connectivity to the University network and to GARR network
  • security (access control, fire-detection and -suppression system, video surveillance)

In order to guarantee the best efficiency and security of the datacenter, it is necessary for the hardware being guested in the datacenter to fulfill the following conditions:

  • rack mountable 19” max. depth 1200 mm
  • single-phase electric power 220v
  • max 200 watt/unit (*)
  • max 2 IEC C14 power plugs (*)
  • network connectivity 1Gb copper (*)

(*ant surpluses shall be agreed)

The housing service guarantees access to the datacenter and to the server rack for those who have previously been provided with the appropriate keycard.

The positioning of equipment shall be arranged by the Gestione Sistemi office staff on the basis of the suggestions made by some capacity plan instruments.


The service guests 145 servers at present  (dati aggiornati al 26.04.2016)