Google Sheets

Google sheets is an online program designed to create and edit spreadsheets that together with Google docs and Google slides is included in G Suite, the set of intelligent Google apps from Google drive.

With Google sheets you can create and edit spreadsheets right in your web browser—no special software is required. Multiple people can also work on spreadsheets at the same time. You can handle task lists, create project plans, analyze data with charts and filters, and much more.

Create a new spreadsheet

You can create a new spreadsheet right in Google Sheets or in Google Drive as follows::

  • In Google sheets: click on the “Create new document” icon (see the image below).

  • In Google drive: click “NEW” and then “Google Sheets” (see the image below).


Import an existing spreadsheet

If you have an existing spreadsheet you created in another program, you can easily import and convert it to Sheets.

  1. Go to Google Drive.

  2. Click New > file Upload. Choose the existing spreadsheet from your computer to add it to Drive. Supported files include .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .ods, .csv, .tsv, .txt e .tab.

  3. Right-click the file you want to convert and select Open with > Google Sheets.

As you convert your document from another program, a copy of your original file in Sheets format is created. You can then edit it in your browser like any other spreadsheet.

Add Content

To insert and edit the title and your data, to custumize formats and fonts, to work with words and columns, with multiple sheets and much more, please see the official guide.