FileSender GARR

Do you have to send heavy files? Use the GARR File Sender!

The GARR, the Italian network for University and Research, also makes available for Unitn users this useful application that allows the sending of very large files, usually not managed as attachments via email, in compliance with the rules and the purposes of GARR same.
This is a secure submission because only the recipient accesses the file and there are no time limits to download it.
Thanks to the policies of the IDEM federation, the service is accessible after authentication to all users with an account like  from this address: 

By clicking on "Login" you will be redirected to the usual authentication form of Unitn, to which you can enter with your username and password.


Once authenticated, you choose your own institution (University of Trento in our case), then fill out the short form presented, specifying the address of the recipient and attaching the desired file. Subject of the message, text and expiry date are optional.


Finally click on "Send" to send the attachment and any accompanying message.