"Fellow services"

Third-party apps and websites

Are you a student, a professor, a researcher who developed or would like to develop a service that you consider to be useful and interesting for UniTrento?

You can get in contact with us: your service may show in the list "Fellow services" of UniTrento.

The Information and communication technology management warmly welcomes any initiatives from students, professors, researchers and others UniTrento users who aim at creating IT services useful for the whole university community. It is necessary to observe some simple rules of correct behavior and collaboration with the University.

1. Disclaimer

Whoever uses your app or online service must perfectly know that it is not an institutional service of UniTrento. Please explain who developed the service, who is responsible for it, and whom one should address in case of necessity.

2. Honesty of service

If the service requires  an authentification, this must not use the University username and password (no man in the middle!), except in case of agreement with UniTrento to let the service be included among the Unitrento authentification systems.

3. No payment

The service you would like to provide the university community with must be free of payment, ads and web banners for its users. 

4. Branding

The use of the UniTrento logo and the public certification of “Fellow services” is subject to the terms of the agreement between you and the University.

5. Availability

Please point out to users that your service is spontaneously and voluntarily offered, that there is no guarantee of continuity, and that accessibility to the service may depend on the type of device or software employed.