What happens in a meeting: functionality for the host

How can I share with the participants (attendee) what appears on my device (e.g. desktops, slides, applications, other documents)?

Once the meeting has started, open the file or resource on your device, click on  "Share screen" (the green command on the bottom bar), then select the file or screen.

How can I simulate with the participants (attende) what in presence I would show on a blackboard (e.g. graphs and formulas written at the moment)?

Once the meeting has started click on "Share screen" (the green command on the bottom bar) and then on "Whiteboard". A sort of whiteboard will appear on which to write down, draw, write formulas, etc
It is also possible to connect a graphic tablet to your device, and share it as an "additional desktop" with the participants ("Share screen" → "Screen"); or you can use an iPad connected to the PC (and to the same wireless network), by downloading from the Apple Store the App
Educreations(in this case, click on "Share screen" → "Phone / iPad" within the meeting ). 


Does Zoom allow the division of the participants into groups?

Yes. By accessing Zoom and selecting the "Breakout room" option, the host can divide the participants into groups (up to a maximum of 50 separate sessions for the same meeting).
Participants can be entered  in the Breakout Rooms manually or automatically and moved between sections at any time
In the Breakout room:
- the participant can independently manage audio, video and screen sharing
- the teacher/host shares audio, video and screen only with that room
- the recording started by a participant or by the host will act only in the Breakout Room in which they are working. This feature is also available for free accounts.

I'm a teacher: where can I find guidelines on the use of Zoom for distance learning?

E-learning Staff has prepared guidelines for using Zoom and delivering synchronous and in asynchronous video lessons.

If I want to record the meeting I’m hosting, will the participants be notified?

Yes, if you choose the correct settings before creating your meeting: in the settings menu on the left select  Recording → Recording Disclaimer and check the item “Ask participants for consent when a recording starts”. When registration begins, participants will receive a warning message and will have the opportunity to give their consent and continue, or to leave the meeting.

Can I create a waiting room when I activate a meeting and decide who to admit?

Yes. When creating a meeting, a virtual waiting room can be activated which prevents attendee  from accessing the meeting (Main room) until the teacher/host allows it. This trick guarantees greater safety and control on users. The host can set it up selecting “Manage Participants": here he can see the complete list of participants who request access to the meeting and admit them individually (by clicking on  "Admit" next to the name) or all at once ( by clicking "Admit All").