I registered in a meeting organized by Unitn and I need a username and password to access the Wi-fi using my laptop. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the welcoming staff or the organizational secretariat of the conference. They will release your temporary credentials.

I’m part of a management team and I need some visiting accounts. What can I do?

The PTA of management teams can contact account.help@unitn.it to request the creation of Visiting accounts.

I’m part of a Department and I’m organising a Unitn event. Who do I need to contact?

If the event is organized with the support of the Conference Office, contact convegni@unitn.it. If not, contact the Department staff, enabled to issue Visiting accounts.

I'm an organization outside Unitn, but I'm planning an event at a Unitn location. Who do I need to contact?

The extra Unitn facilities that organize events (e.g. Conferences) at the university's locations can contact the staff of the Department where the event will take place.