What is Myunitn?

MyUnitn is a dynamic and customizable place, offered to Unitn students as an operational dashboard, online desktop, useful in the management of personal study or work activities.

It consists of customizable tabs in the number and content. The homepage (Home tab) is a set of boxes called widgets, arranged into 3 columns. The default widgets are only suggestions that can be removed or added later.

At the top of the screen, along with the header image that distinguishes the web environment, there are the usual buttons for quick access to various features or links to certain areas of the Unitn portal.

How can I customize a tab in Myunitn?

Myunitn tabs can be customized to suit your needs using the configuration button in the top right (English key icon), that opens a menu with many options:

  • Add widget: shows the catalog of widgets that can be activated
  • Manage tab: allows you to change the layout of the selected tab, choosing the number and the      arrangement of the columns where the widgets will be placed
  • Add tab: activates a new tab, identified by a corresponding label that will be located to the right of the tabs already present. It is possible to immediately select the layout of the new tab or activate one of the tabs already configured and specific to certain types of users, designed to facilitate the selection of widgets (ex. Teacher tab): watch the tutorial
  • Change theme: it is an aesthetic feature to change the theme (the colors) of the personal Myunitn by choosing from a list of presets.



What is a widget?

Widgets are boxes inside the columns of Myunitn: they are combined at the user's choice, which selects them from the catalog called Widget store and can contain simple text messages, link, pictures or dynamic information. Some widgets are thought as a summary view of content that can be viewed in detail in the corresponding application.

Apart from the fixed ones, all widgets can be activated, removed, compressed regarding the layout chosen.


How can I add a widget?

In order to add a widget you just need to press the configuration button (English key icon) and select Widget Store: it will open a panel with a list of all available widgets in order of popularity (the 10 most installed by all users) or alphabetic (all from A to Z).

You can also search widget by category (ex. Communication, Teaching, Canteen…) or typing its name in the search box inside the Widget Store. A particular category is called 'My Widgets', which groups all the widgets already installed on the personal MyUnitn.

Watch the tutorial

Each widget is introduced by a title, an identifying image, a summary description, the indication of the related category and some useful information links the number of users that installed that widget.

Some widget are available only to users who are eligible, so the Widget Store will be different upon the role of the user in the University  (teacher, student, researcher, technical and administrative staff, guest...).

By default, every newly installed widget becomes visible in the first available position on the last column on the right, but it is movable using the Drag&Drop mechanism, ex. by clicking on the widget's colored header bar to grab it until it reaches the desired position, which will be signaled by a dashed box that specifies where the widget will be placed.